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Brunch and laid-back tea - Cafe Flora

I was greeted with a pleasant surprise yesterday, when the Bear and I went to brunch at Cafe Flora. It's a largely vegetarian/vegan establishment. The brunch is a lovely affair, and $2.50 will buy you a pot of your choice of tea to accompany it. It's not a Victorian paradise of frills and china, but instead a comfortably laid-back place, with an enclosed patio so you can enjoy the day without being out in the weather. I imagine curling up with a cuppa, a book, and a plate of their raisin-ginger rolls would make a rainy day most pleasant.

They have about a dozen teas to select from, with four herbal (read: decaf) varieties. I had the Volcano Moon, a simple but delicious concoction of mint and lemongrass.

I shall be on the lookout for more such tea establishments. Feel free to add your own! Where have you found really good tea, and did it surprise you?
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