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Poly-Friendly Tea Ladies of Seattle

Have a cuppa?

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Welcome to SeaPolyTea! We're a bunch of polyamorous and poly-friendly ladies who met through the Seattle Poly community and thought it would just be niftykeen to go out and sample the teahouses of the Seattle area. Please feel free to discuss tea, tea shops, tea danties, or make arrangements to have tea. Recommend your favorite teahouse in the Puget Sound!

Mind you, we may be mostly of a lifestyle, but that's just how we met. Our reason for being here is tea. Lifestyle-bashers will be banned. No matter what lifestyle you're bashing.

Recommended reading: Tea Time Adventures and its affiliated book, Tea Rooms Northwest.

Other useful links:
Tea Map, has info and links to many other tea houses around the country, not just the Northwest
Cat-Tea Corner, info on tea houses around the world. Check this site if you're heading to Canada or out of the country
NWSource's top teahouse picks, for teahouses around the Puget Sound

Email me if you have a useful link to add!

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