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Christmas tea, December 12

Anyone interested in attending tea at the Queen Mary Tea Room on Sunday, December 12, at noon, please let me know ASAP! This place is reputed to be very nice, and VERY popular, so I'll need to call and make reservations in advance. I need an accurate headcount, so please be sure you're going to be able to make it. Yes, the gentlemen are welcome to join us.

Vegetarian and decaf selections are available. Check out the website for menu options. You can leave a comment here or email me at jenkittyATjenkittyDOTnet.

Crossposted to jenkitty and seapolytea.

Edit: Cripe. Popular doesn't even begin to cover it. They're already booked for the day, and most of the month. I've asked for a slot between 11a and 1p for six if they have a cancellation, but I'll need to select an alternate site. Anybody want to do this one in January, maybe around MLK Day?
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